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GGREAT: Grassroots to Global Reach -- Education through Engagement & Action Together

GGREAT models experiential learning and engagement by providing Rutgers University undergraduates the opportunity to develop passions for tackling serious issues worldwide. In the upper level course Ethics in Science and Society taught by Dr. Julie Fagan (SEBS-Animal Science), students utilize divergent thinking and devise solutions to real problems or develop improvements for the world in which they live and become actively engaged in making a difference to society.

GGREAT papers are based on scholarly research that identifies a real problem, gives background for the problem, and finds potential solutions. Typically, the papers include a literature review, appropriate materials and methods, and a description of how the project team came up with solutions. Students are required to incorporate an outreach or service component. A video accompanies most of the research papers.

Student interns processed these papers and videos in the Rutgers University Community Repository (RUcore). They managed the paper documents, ensuring that the electronic file was complete and uncorrupted. They managed the video files, ensuring that the media file was complete, uncorrupted, appropriate for public display, and in a standard file format for RUcore. Students provided metadata (descriptive information) for each paper/video based on a template established for the project. The papers span Fall 2009 through Spring 2016.