Rutgers Young Horse Teaching and Research Program Videos


About the Collection

The Rutgers University Young Horse Teaching & Research Program videos were produced for research and classroom use, and include records of standardized temperament tests, veterinary care, and general behaviors for two "non-traditional" types of horses for which there is a dearth of data: draft horse crosses and Bureau of Land Management mustangs. The Program's research, from 1999-2012, focused on the nutritional requirements of young horses, and relationships between nutrition and behavior for these less-studied breeds. The Program also provided as many as 30 students a year with a unique opportunity to train and handle young horses. Each student had charge of a horse, and logged behaviors and other data for that horse throughout the course. Research data was the basis of several honors theses. The Young Horse Teaching & Research Program operated under the auspices of the Equine Science Center at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

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